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The truss shelf 220 / 320 has an architectural truss look and is very modular. Each section measures 300 mm in height, so you can add or remove sections to gain the desired height. The truss shelf 220 kit is 920 mm high and 220 mm deep. The truss shelf 320 kit is 1220 mm high and 320 mm deep. The width will depend on the width of your chosen shelf boards. It is also very easy to add a holder to make a third unit in-between two shelf units. Very stable construction that has been tested with 120 kilos.

Color - anthracite, black feet. Feet, screws and tools are included.

The truss shelf 220 consist of 38 pieces. Assembly time is about 30-40 minutes.

The truss shelf 320 consist of 50 pieces. Assembly time is about 45-60 minutes.

(With this system you can also build stools, ceiling lamps and floor lamps.)


Truss shelf 220 / 320

Farbe - anthrazit, schwarze Füße. Füße, Schrauben und Werkzeug sind inbegriffen.

Truss shelf 220 besteht aus 38 Teilen. Montagezeit ist etwa 30-40 Minuten.

Truss shelf 320 besteht aus 50 Teilen. Montagezeit ist etwa 45-60 Minuten.

Mit diesem System kann man auch Hocker, Deckenleuchten und Stehleuchten  bauen.)

Designer: Pierre Nilsson

truss shelf 220 / 320

truss shelf 220 / 320 kit

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